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This group is for people who have decided they want to be the healthiest version of their own self - and realise it starts with the food ingested in to the body. You may be at the start of re-evaluating your food & health habits or you may be deep into it and experienced - all are welcome!

I experiment with food for health with my husband on a daily basis. We are a work in progress, but we are making progress. We started off by balancing our pH level and then moved to more customised routines to address our individual needs. Our path is very much led by listening to the innate signals our body gives us + getting guidance from mentors & experts + doing our own research.

We also care deeply about the choices we make and the impact it has on the environment and the rest of mankind.

Now I want to share my story, discuss food for health topics (I have questions to get us started), and subsequently have us learn from each other. Since every person's journey is a unique one - the best way to learn is by talking to others, sharing stories, and listening. I'm looking for those who want to chat about their thoughts over a good meal! A few things you might be wondering:

1/ Is it safe to meet with me? If you're in Singapore - we'll meet at a public restaurant, during the day, and you can suss me out on social media first! If you're not in Singapore - we can meet on a video call.

2/ What kind of restaurant will we meet at & how will we pay? I'll try to find a restaurant that is reasonably priced and friendly to our wallets. Bring cash or card to pay for your own meal.
(I used to insist on paying for the first meal, simply to pay it forward, but I have removed that so y'all do not think I have a hidden motive - because I really don't!)

3/ Can you come with a friend or partner or in a group? Yes, of course!

4/ What will we discuss? Here is a sample of some of the questions and topics I will put forth:
- what triggered you to start re-thinking your food & health habits?
- when you come across new information, how do you decide to believe it or not?
- have you ever needed to change how you shop in order to find the products you want?

5/ What happens after the discussion?
I want to understand what people are successful and unsuccessful at when it comes to applying food for health in their lives. I want to take that information, identify gaps, and co-create solutions - that means you can join in on the inventing and we can schedule more meetups together!
Some of the ideas that have come up are...a) meetup theme where individuals can talk & share food for health tips around one theme like cancer prevention, diabetes, autoimmune disease, etc...b) having a cook/chef teach us how to make drinks & snacks with general health benefits

There are NO products or MLM (multi-level marketing aka. pyramid scheme) involved in this. I am genuinely curious to learn and see where this meetup group takes us, ideally we end up helping ourselves and others through our discoveries.

In the long run, I am looking to...
become the healthiest version of myself
build the healthiest environment around me
have favourable conditions for creation and procreation
start conversations around food for healing
heal the world with you & others!

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