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Jozsa Corner (Hazelwood)

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Like any city, Pittsburgh is home to all sorts of small, independent, and often unknown establishments. Most of them are unknown for a reason, but a few stand out. Jozsa Corner is one of the few — and it's quite possibly one of the least traditional dining establishments this town has to offer.

To start with, you can't just stop in: the place opens up only when you make a reservation ahead of time and even then only when you have a sufficiently large group. If you do schedule a visit, the experience is less like dining out and more like visiting a neighbor for dinner. Bring along a beverage to share and have a seat in the living room while your host puts the finishing touches on each course.

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The theme: Hungarian Home Cooking. The restaurant, which is really a one-man operation presented by chef/owner/host Alexander Jozsa Bodnar, showcases the type of Hungarian cuisine you would expect at a traditional family dinner. For $15*, you sit back and enjoy as the chef presents dinner in three courses. Each presented family style for the group.

Given the scale of the operation, presentation is rather modest: expect to eat on a paper plate with plastic utensils. While not ideal, that's one of the few compromises that Josza Corner makes to make the concept work. Believe me, when I say it's worth looking past it.

*NOTE: This event requires $15 cash, not including tax and tip. That buys you your fill of whatever the chef presents and covers corkage for any beverage you bring along. That means there's no vegetarian option — though there are plenty of vegetables. Personally, I'm okay with that. If you're not, then this probably isn't the outing for you.