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Hello I am the Great and Powerful "AL" the DORK of Azusa, Ca I wish to cast of spell of laughter and enjoyment for 2 hours of sheer laughter and leaving you happy and content. My spell lasts for 2 hours normally be some claim it stays with them leaving them happy and giggling for days, removing problems and stress out of your mind at least for the night.

I invite you to a comedy night at my next show at the Icehouse. Its my own show and I host it. Cost of the tickets are $10.00 online or $12.00 at the door if any are left.

So the show Is called "Laugh Attack," its on Stage 2 April 25, 2013 at 10:30pm Thursday night. Because we love our late nights under the moon and you won't hit any traffic. I always have had the funniest comedians on past shows. Now on this show we got 6 other comedians besides me as 7th. I do things abit more differently than the standard comedy show. Everyone's material is very diverse and no show is ever the same everytime, because I get bored of seeing repeats as a watcher so why bored you too?

Pretty much buy a ticket or as many as you want. Bring loved ones, friends, family or coworkers if you like. After the show I'll be outside meeting people taking pictures add people to facebook and collecting email addresses. Other comedians will be outside just as friendly to meet you too.

Also there is a singles mixer from my other clubs I host like and and afew other groups were welcomed that I invited that I'm a part of as a member not as a organizer.

Frequently asked questions

why don't I do a Fri Sat or Sun show?

A: Because those are reserved for a bigger fuller shows that been doing them for years.

What is the minimum age to go see your show?

A: 18+

How long have I done comedy?

A: I graduated from Comedy school March 2013 but been unofficially doing comedy for 6 years around friends and family. I started more professionally in March 2012.

How many shows do I put together and Host?
A: One this is my own show I produce it, promote and hire the comedians on it. I'm doing my 3rd show. Lasts ones were Dec 30 and Nov 1.

Why the gap between Dec 30 to April 25?

A: Honestly been busy doing other peoples shows to get better and better but also like you readng this also working my day job as a IT /Electronics Guru. Yes I repair computers and electronics.

What do I wear?

A: you can dress nice if you like or casual, except no shorts, sandles or flip flops. Its a comedy club not Hawaii. I honestly tell people don't dress funny or we will see you and say something and you'll be part of the show whether you wanted to or not. So don't be a target unless you want to. But seriously if you wanna talk to someone do you want to be seen as your best or worst? Just saying. But come out and have a fun night.

What time should I arrive there?

A: 940pm is best, 950pm- 10pm is good too. I say early to look for parking on the street if possible or park in the parking structure, walking down get you tickets relax on the patio or bar til its open for seating at 10pm shows starts at 10:30pm SHARP if your late you don't get to see me open the show. The previous show ends at 10pm and we got 30mins to seat people and go from there. So please get there early.


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