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If we can't speak the same language with our voices we use our hands -and sometimes wine ;).

This group is for FOREIGNERS from all over the world; anyone who is NOT a native to this country, who did NOT grow up here. Most of us find that we have more in common with people from across the world and feel more open and comfortable with other foreigners than with Americans, since the US traditions, customs and social language are very intricate and it often takes years to learn the unspoken "social graces" since it is not intuitive and there are (to us) often no logical reasons for them. We can not only be great friends but also a great support in helping you integrate into and understand the US.

Whether you only speak two words of English or are fluent, whether you have an accent like a native American English speaker or people have trouble understanding you because of your heavy accent...it doesn't matter! In this group you get to practice and improve your English without anybody ever laughing at you. Or you don't have to say a word if you don't want to. Everybody is very supportive.

We always have FUN, so don't hesitate to join us!

To the Americans: I appreciate your interest, however; in the beginning, after welcoming everyone with open arms, I found the effect to be the opposite of what I had intended; the attendance of the foreigners dwindled as more Americans joined/became active. This group is a stepping stone for many foreigners before jumping into the American society. I apologize to any Americans who might take offense, but hope you understand!

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