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Mr ANDREA UNGER (Algo Trader, 3-Time Trading Champ)

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A bit about Mr Andrea Unger
An independent Futures & Forex trader, with special interest in automatic trading & program trading. He is also the only trader in history to win The World Cup Trading Championships 3 years in a row.

There will be 2 speakers on Wednesday evening:


Title: Art of Trading: Trading Psychology - The RIGHT Way to Face the Markets
Speaker: Mr Andrea Unger
Duration: 2 hrs

You and the markets, who is your opponent?
- Common attitudes vs the markets
- Ego and beliefs

Common mistakes in trading: know them, fight them, defeat them
- No discipline
- Bad plan, no plan
- Eagerness

The winning approach, secret or evidence?
- Is there a secret out there?
- Is “easy and simple” better?
- Can you really live from trading?

The right approach for the right market and the right moment
- Examples of different types of markets
- Different moments to trade, different reactions from the market
- Identify your market and your trading model

Setup examples and trade management
- Simple methods that work
- What is stop loss?
- Profit target or not?
- When to close a trade?

Risk control, how position sizing can shape your returns
- Martingale and Antimartingale
- Kelly formula and optimal f
- The power of money management


Title: Automated Trading Methodology & The Evolution of Trading
Speaker: Mr Vito Henjoto
Duration: 45 mins

The Digital Era and the Advent of Automated Trading
- Intro to the changes in the market place
- How automated trading has changed the market and made it what it is today, and will be tomorrow

Manual Trading
- What is manual trading
- Advantages and disadvantages of manual trading

Automated Trading
- What is automated trading
- Different forms of automated trading
- Advantages and disadvantages of automated trading

Automated Trading In Practice - Commonly Used Strategies
- Trend following
- Pairs trading
- Scalping
- Means reversion

Design Sample
- Moving average cross over

The Right Way to Back-Test
- Pitfalls of over back-testing

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