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Kayaking class for beginners and intermediate levels

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This is the second class offered by Cynthia for those that could not get into the first one.

Cynthia from Kayak SW FL is teaching this course. She can take 6 at a time. When you click on the link below, go to Schedule of events and scroll down until you see the meetup group class. You can pay with paypal. You don't need your own kayak. One is included if needed. Cynthia will also bring everyone a free copy of the Award winning DVD called This is the Sea. It is a wonderful series of documented sea kayak trips to some of the most beautiful and rugged coasts in the world! They sell for $30, but they will get one free w the class sign up.

The cost is $40 for 3-4 hours. I know many of us have been kayaking for years but have never taken a proper class.

What we cover:
Gear needed - Some stuff you use for safety, some for fun, find out the difference and what is really essential
Kayak Design - picking the boat that is best for you whether you are buying or rent them on vacation. Learn what to look for and how to not get a dud!
Stretching (on land and in your boat out on the water) a great way to warm up those muscles! Safety Procedures - how to properly fit your PFD, what precautions should you take, determining what conditions are appropriate for your skill level. Communication methods on the water and what equipment should you have with you at all times?
How to chose proper kayak, paddle, pfd, and location/destination, as a new kayaker.
Strokes - How to make the kayak go where you want! Tour (forward), reverse stroke, sweep stroke, reverse sweep, and draw strokes
Hip Snap/J- lean -Techniques on how to use your body to control your kayak and enhance speed and maneuverability - This really helps a lot!
Wet Exit- What happens if you fall in? Learn how to safely exit your kayak in the event of capsize.
This is learned on land and practiced on the water.
T-Rescue - How to get back in your kayak if you have capsized? learn how to reenter your kayak in the event
of capsize or how to help someone else who capsized. This is practiced with an instructor and other students
while out on the water.- OPTIONAL- you do not have to do this!