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The fotomethod for training photography involves four different elements:

• Why? To truly understand a principle, you must understand the reasons behind the principle. With every concept, you must first understand why it's important. For most, a group discussion is the method of communicating why. This is considered the social element of learning.

• What? Every principle has keys and steps. Most photographic principles can be illustrated. Learners must be very familiar with these. For many, seeing concepts illustrated and demonstrated is the most important part of learning. These are those who like to Google everything. They like diagrams and infographics.

• How? A lot of people, me included, don't learn a whole lot until we do it ourselves. We must have the camera in our hands and practice. We don't like to read manuals. Reading a book won't do much for us. Practice and repetition is the way we develop skill.

• What If? For some, experimenting is incredibly important. They must take a principle apart and put it back together again. This type of person is always asking 'what if I do it this way instead of that way?' By pushing the limits of principles, they solidify their understanding.

This is a group for aspiring photographers. Eric Adams, a fourth-generation photographer, will be instructing. Eric has taught thousands of photographers from beginner to pro. He understands how you'll learn and includes all four elements of training into every workshop. The best thing about Eric is how well he refers to himself in the third-person...

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