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FMBR was founded over 38 years ago by scientists and healers who were interested in the cutting edge of science and consciousness studies.

FMBR continues to focus its attention, intention and research upon the leading edge of scientific exploration of the connection process, drawing from pioneering scientific and technological discoveries and from ancient wisdom traditions in order to elucidate a positive way forward for humanity and the Earth.

If you are interested in quantum physics, alternative healing modalities, visionary art, the nature of reality, evolution of consciousness or anything as yet unexplained, JOIN US!

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Kundalini Activation: EEG Correlates

Unity Palo Alto


EEG Correlates of Kundalini Activation with Juan Acosta-Urquidi, PhD, QEEGT Kundalini, the life force energy of spiritual awakening, has been described in the Hindu contemplative and yogic traditions for centuries. The secrets of Kundalini have been buried in esoteric texts guarded by masters. Kundalini is a spiritual energy presumed to reside at the base of the spine and when awakened, it is believed to catalyze spiritual evolution and lead to a higher state of consciousness and integration of body mind and spirit. Practitioners of meditation and Yoga, particularly Tantric traditions, are most familiar with this state. Kundalini awakening can be developed in devotees by special practices, under the guidance and supervision of a competent teacher (guru) to ensure safety and proper integration, but can also arouse spontaneously during breath work (pranayama), NDEs, visionary states, singing, dancing, music (listening and making), ecstatic moments in nature, fasting, injury, trauma, or without apparent cause. The phenomenology of Kundalini activation is well documented, but the psychophysiology is yet to be fully described and understood scientifically. The present EEG studies explore some neural correlates and provide objective validation of a profound and transformative subjective experience. Kundalini activation is recorded as a high voltage discharge of Delta and Theta brainwaves, followed by increased Beta and Gamma power. The subjects report an ecstatic multi orgasmic experience lasting tens of minutes following the initial discharge. These pioneering studies aim to demystify this remarkable phenomenon. After 25 years of laboratory basic research in cellular neurophysiology, Dr. Acosta entered the field of QEEG (quantitative electroencephalography) in 1996. Initially, he worked with QEEG to test photic and auditory driving responses to mind machines. He then joined an NIH-funded project in alternative medicine at the UW Medical Center, Seattle, to test pulsed magnetotherapy on neurologic patients suffering MS. He also pursued research with Energy Healers, at a time when he was initiated as a Reiki Master. He has conducted pioneering QEEG and HRV (heart rate variability) measurements with healers, mystics and shamans. Dr. Juan Acosta-Urquidi is an explorer charting new ground in the interface of Science, Healing and Spirituality. Recent pioneering work has focused on QEEG studies of entheogen-induced visionary states, as well as meditation, Kundalini and neurotechnology. Unity Palo Alto 3391 Middlefield Road Y.E.S. Hall $15.00 Free to FMBR Members

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