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Mark G. in Salem @ Archive Coffee & Bar


Well, it was requested we host a event in Salem, so ask and ye shall receive. Thank you Jonathan for the suggestion and thank you Lily Chavez for recommending we hold the event at Archive Coffee & Bar.

For first timers the overall is super simple. No real complex structure, simply show up, buy a coffee and meet other founders and entrepreneurs to commiserate with.

We do kindly request the understanding this event is for founders, entrepreneurs and business owners to meet and connect with one another. This is not designed for vendors or sales reps, but if your company wants to sponsor a coffee event, we will give you a shoutout.

See you soon Salem.

Josh & Mark

As a business owner, you are faced with many challenges. You're forced to make decisions every day that could make or break your business. is a way to network with other entrepreneurs to allow free-flowing information with the intent to collaborate and help each other. So often we're challenged and there's very little we can do to express our challenges with the people we work with or the people we care about. Think of as your own personal support group for business owners. We're all here to help

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