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Founders Network hosts educational events and mentoring opportunities to give startup founders the greatest chance of long-term success. Join us to connect with founders, investors, and tech talent who will guide you along every stage of your startup journey.

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How to Fundraise in Uncertain Economic Times with Matt Lyons

Network event

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?? How can you fundraise when the economy is uncertain?
?? Times are tough and it can be hard to know how to fundraise when the economy is uncertain.

** Join How To Fundraise In Uncertain Economic Times With Matt Lyons on 09/27 at 9:30am PST for FREE!

**They will cover this along with:
~How to get creative with bootstrapping
~Why you should focus on hiring during tough times
~How to extend your runway by evaluating your budget

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Minneapolis Happy Hour with Bala Guntipalli

Network event

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~ Are you a startup founder in Minneapolis?
~ If you’re serious about growing your #startup in Minneapolis, you can’t miss this event!

*** Join us as our guest at our next Minneapolis event. You’ll have the opportunity to talk with chapter members about their #founder journey over apps and drinks on 09/28 at 5:00pm CDT! ***

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Startup Lessons Learned on a Lifelong Journey to Increase Food Sustainability

Network event

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RSVP here for FREE: https://foundersnetwork.com/function/lessons-learned-on-a-lifelong-journey-to-increase-food-sustainability/?utm_source=meetup&utm_medium=event_listing&utm_campaign=lessons_learned_on_a_lifelong_journey_to_increase_food_sustainability

~ How can you make your startup thrive?
~ Learn how to build a sustainable company from the woman who’s done it 3 times!

** Join Lessons Learned On A Lifelong Journey To Increase Food Sustainability on 10/13 at 11:30am PST for FREE! **

They will cover this along with:
~How to continuously monitor, manage and tweak company culture
~Why you should work with partners who are aligned with your mission, vision and values
~The value of raising more money than you think you’ll need
~Factors to consider before going public

---> RSVP here for FREE: https://fndrs.net/3Q8eHy2

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