Building Web Applications w/ Blazor


Building Web Applications w/ Blazor (ASP.NET Core) & Code Generation
— Paul Schroeder
Twitter: @PaulBSchroeder

Blazor has generated buzz in the .NET community because developers can code in C# end-to-end when creating Single Page Applications (SPA) web sites. Blazor is Microsoft's answer to SPA frameworks like React,Angular, & Vue;which require lots of JavaScript &/or TypeScript. When combined w/ .NET Standard libraries, Blazor allows a single codebase to be shared across server & client applications,& that codebase works cross‑platform.

Learn a little about "WebAssembly", which many believe to be the future of web development. In this session, we walk through a sample application & the tech that makes it possible. See how easy it is to get up & running quickly & how reusable components get assembled into a complete app.

Time allowing,we'll explore how code generation can be used to accelerate development using CodeGenHero, a proprietary extension to Visual Studio 2019. In-person attendees will be given a code redeemable for a free CodeGenHero subscription.

Paul Schroeder has been programming for decades; primarily in .NET and C# since their existence. He, along with Xamarin mobile expert Robin Schroeder, operate a consulting company, MSCTek, in Saint Charles, Illinois. Together, they help corporate teams develop their own custom business software. Paul loves sharing knowledge at local meetups and annual conferences, most recently the Chicago .NET Users Group, a DotNetConf event, and the Xamarin Developer Summit.

In his limited spare time, Paul is learning to play guitar and develops CodeGenHero™, a code‑generation product that works as a Visual Studio extension.

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