CRAFT & FP BUD - Meet Andrea Magnorsky & Michael Feathers

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Venue opens gates at 5:30 pm and talks from 6:00 pm.

Andrea Magnorsky - Computation Expressions in context

I heard that computation expressions are kind of like monads, I heard that monads are like burritos or space suits and that they are pretty much magical, I also heard that they are monoids in the category of endofunctors... As a writer of code that sounds awesome, and I want to know and understand (and I'm sure you do too) what those terms actually mean, and most importantly why we should care about them, What are their practical uses?. So, in this talk we are going to attempt to do just that. Failure is possible but the attempt is valuable.

Michael Feathers - Why Types Aren't Very Important

In the functional programming, there is often a strong emphasis on types. Part of this has to do with the field's academic lineage, part of it has to do with the fact that typing is more tractable than other technologies that affect design and quality. In this talk, we'll explore typing in depth - what we can and can't expect from it and, paradoxically, how to use it as a tool without making it manifest in languages.

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