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FunCPU (Juhász András) and MVU apps in F# (Loïc Denuzière)
Functional Programming in Machine Language on a Homebrew CPU - Juhász András In this talk we outline the motivation, the design goals and the challenges of building a homebrew CPU dedicated to functional programming. (FunCPU is a seven bit homebrew processor with unique, unconventional design to natively support functional programming in machine language. Despite its simplicity FunCPU can be considered a fully fledged computational device, in a sense that it is Turing-complete.) After some short introduction to the homebrew CPU scene and discussion of design goals, the model of computation is presented. It will be shown how expressions and functions are encoded in a native format of a CPU with tagged architecture. It will be also demonstrated how functional programs can be entered directly in machine code in a relatively straightforward manner. Issues and their solutions such as operator/function precedence, function calls, argument passing and binding are also explained. Moreover, the evaluation strategy and termination of expression evaluations are also discussed. Finally, some architectural and implementation details will be also addressed. Blog: Short videos: - on entering simple expressions: on evaluatig simple functions: on evaluating mathematical functions: Model-View-Update applications in F# with WebSharper - Loïc Denuzière In this talk we present a functional way of structuring user interfaces called Model-View-Update, and discuss how it can be used effectively with the WebSharper tools for F#. MVU has recently been the base architecture for a number of hyped languages and libraries such as Elm and Redux. It provides a clear separation of concerns between state management and display. It enables powerful tools such as full state inspection and time-travelling debugging. We will discuss the core concepts of MVU, and how WebSharper's approach differs from existing libraries and takes advantage of the functional reactive library WebSharper.UI.

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