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If you have a deep-seated love for Italy, a fascination with Italian language, culture, and cuisine, or a persistent curiosity about contemporary Italian lifestyles and attitudes, you've come to the right place! 3E Centre for Italian Culture offers Italian language classes, informal aperitivi, cooking nights, film screenings, a book club, a writers' circle, coffee and conversation hour, organized summer trips to Italy, and much, much more. We want to build a loving community of people around a vibrant, authentic, current version of Italian culture. We are a husband and wife team: he is from a beach-town not far from Rome; I am from Montreal, have a PhD in Italian, and lived in Italy for five years by his side. We want to share with you our knowledge of and experience with Italy in a warm, relaxed, and inviting environment. Will you join us?

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3E Writers' Circle - Cocktail hour

2530 Rue Charny

Unless it's your full-time job, it's hard to balance writing with every-day adult responsibilities. Many of the writers in our circle have expressed their interest in an event that would "force" them to sit down and write for a chunk of time -- and that's exactly what this is. This cocktail hour is really just an opportunity for writers to gather with their notebooks and laptop and devote a couple of hours (or more) to a project they have in the works or have left on the back burner for too long. But it comes with a colourful Italian cocktail to celebrate these lengthening summer nights. Writers are free to share their thoughts/pieces for feedback should they so choose to, but won't be pressured to read if they are not ready.

Book Club Meeting: Noi siamo tempesta, by Michela Murgia

The 3E Book Club meets the third Tuesday of every month to discuss a work of contemporary Italian literature. This month, we'll be reading Noi siamo tempesta, by Michela Murgia. The book is available for purchase on ibs.it or for loan to registered members at 3E's cultural centre in Ahuntsic-Cartierville. Discussion will be led in Italian - beginners are welcome!

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