• #OpenSeriousBirthday #1

    Player One

    Grande surprise pour le déroulement de cette soirée d'anniversaire du meetup. Tout ce que nous pouvons vous dire, c'est que : - vous ferez de belles rencontres et vous reverrez des compagnon(ne)(s) de jeux/d'animation/de création - vous redécouvrirez des jeux, leur évolution, leur revisite

  • Discover Negotiation Tactics


    Negotiation is omnipresent: salary, contract, buying, selling, ... You can fear it, flee it and sometimes get fooled, OR you can decide to know more about it and be prepared. Goals: - Structure your negotiation objectives - Discover several negotiation tactics - Experiment them yourself and identify when others use them This meet-up will be the first English-speaking #OpenSeriousGame in Paris. For this occasion, Algolia will host the event as an English-only speaking company and Fabien Biteau, Business Developer at Coorpacademy "The Netflix of Learning", trainer of 30+ real estate professionals to complex negotiation, will lead and enable you as the next event leader. Stay tuned!