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Hello data enthusiasts,

We’re pleased to announce an upcoming Meetup with the management experts at In this meetup, we discuss: how to predict employee turnover and how data and drivers can determine employee happiness.

A closer look…

Talk 1: Predictive Analytics to Forecast Employee Turnover by Guilherme de Oliveira, Data Scientist at Dataiku

Thinking about quitting your job or wondering which employees might be? Using a publicly available dataset on employee satisfaction, we'll build a machine learning model to predict who will quit, and in doing so we'll gain some insights into the important factors that explain who will stay and who will go. We will also explain individual predictions using LIME.

Talk 2: How to Be a Great Manager by Simon Rakosi, Co-Founder at

You want a happy and engaged team? Well, obviously! But, how do you get there? Successfully manage your team by focusing on five scientifically-backed drivers. By working on these, you'll have the structure you need to lead your team. Our upcoming e-book Your First 50 Days details day-by-day these essential leadership skills that all managers should learn and practice.


6:00PM: Pizza, beer, & networking
6:30PM: Predictive Analytics to Forecast Employee Turnover by Dataiku
7:00PM: How to Be a Great Manager by
7:15PM: Q&A
7:30PM: Beer & networking cont’d

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