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Hello everyone,

We’re glad to announce a new DataConnect meet-up with The Muse! The data team behind the career platform built a recommender system via classification, and Chris Ryan (Senior Data Scientist and Tech Lead) will share their experiment and discuss how to choose the right tool for the right product feature & dataset.

Prior to that, Guilherme de Oliveira, Data Scientist at Dataiku, will present a use case on recommender engines using a dataset involving beer check-ins in Portland.

Balancing Accuracy and Scale with Machine Learning Models for Text: ( is a complex product with several classic data science challenges. This talk will focus on how its data team built different machine learning models to meet the scaling needs of different text-based features. Chris will share the tradeoffs they made in accuracy vs. scale and how they measured success after launch. He will discuss their experiments with deep learning, and how exciting recent advances in AI are still just a subset of many proven and production-ready machine learning workhorses available to developers.

Chris’ bio:

Chris Ryan ( is a Senior Data Scientist and Tech Lead for the data team at The Muse. He has also worked as a data scientist at The Harmony Institute, a nonprofit media research institute. Chris holds a PhD from the UC Berkeley, where he used computer simulations to study statistical physics problems in biology.

Guilherme’s bio:

Guilherme ( is a Data Scientist at Dataiku. He works out of the headquarters in NYC where he helps customers build and deploy predictive applications. Before joining Dataiku, he was a fellow at the Insight Data Science Fellowship program, and prior to that he worked in quantitative finance. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics.


6:00 PM: Pizza, beer, & networking
6:30 PM: Guilherme's presentation
7:00 PM: Chris' presentation
7:15 PM: Q&A
7:30 PM: More pizza, beer, & networking

PS: Our DataConnect meetups are designed to provide you with insights from a wide range of industry experts, to bring together data professionals and enthusiasts to share insights, lessons learned, best practices, and to discover the latest technologies in the data ecosystem.

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