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Hello data lovers,

We're excited to announce a new meetup on data engineering with WeWork!

Tarush Aggarwal, Director of Data Engineering, will give you advice on building a stable data infrastructure. Prior to this, Jed Dougherty, Data Scientist at Dataiku, will explain how to connect, prepare and analyze your data in a few steps.

A Data Engineering Approach to Data Problems:

All companies find themselves in situations where it's hard to get to a "stable'" place to manage long- and short-term data projects. This is often because of how companies invest in data infrastructure. Tarush will cover strategies and practical advice around 4 key areas: data modeling, tooling and frameworks (WeModule), and ingestion and processes which have helped WeWork focus on longer term strategic initiatives and spend less time on ad hoc requests around running the business.

Tarush's bio:

Passionate about distributed computing and an early adopter of Hadoop based technologies, Tarush Aggarwal ( was one of the first data engineers at Salesforce focused on an automation framework to allow data scientists to deploy massive jobs at Salesforce scale. With previous stints in leading marketing tech and e-commerce companies, Tarush now works with engineers on their journey to make data a first class citizen at WeWork.

Jed's bio:

Jed Dougherty ( is an experienced Data Scientist with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Before coming to Dataiku he worked on event detection, recommendation systems, and survival analysis in the fields of breaking news and child welfare.


6:00 PM: Snacks, beer, & networking
6:30 PM: Jed's presentation
6:50 PM: Tarush's presentation
7:10 PM: Q&A
7:30 PM: More snacks, beer, & networking