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We're excited to welcome Jerry Talton, Senior Engineering Manager at Slack, for our first 2018 DataConnect Meetup!

Learn how to build and scale a data science practice to become a truly data-driven organization. You will first learn about how data science tools and infrastructure can define business strategy, before hearing about the concrete case of Slack's cutting-edge data team.

How Data Science Tools and Infrastructure Can Define Business Strategy by Guilherme de Oliveira, Data Scientist at Dataiku

We spend much time thinking about how technology helps us get more powerful tools, but we less often reflect on which impact tools have on behaviors, productivity, and business in fine. Guilherme will give an overview of the data science market, explain its fragmentation, and highlight solutions to choose the right tool for each business problem.

Data-Driven Design Thinking at Slack by Jerry Talton, Senior Engineering Manager at Slack

Jerry will sketch the data-driven directions that their Search, Learning and Intelligence team is exploring to build the business operating system of the future, and discuss the design process they use to quickly prototype and ship product features powered by machine intelligence.

Speakers bios

Jerry ( is a Senior Engineering Manager in the Search, Learning, & Intelligence group at Slack, where he leads the team using machine learning to combat information overload. Before joining Slack, he was the founder and CEO of Apropose, a software startup backed by NEA and Andreessen Horowitz. Jerry holds a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University, and BS and MS degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Guilherme ( is a Data Scientist at Dataiku. He works out of the headquarters in NYC where he helps customers build and deploy predictive applications. Before joining Dataiku, he was a fellow at the Insight Data Science Fellowship program, and prior to that he worked in quantitative finance. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics.


6:30pm: Pizza, beer, & networking
7:00pm: Presentation by Guilherme
7:20pm: Presentation by Jerry
7:40pm: Audience Q&A
8:00pm: Networking

PS: Our DataConnect meetups are designed to provide you with insights from a wide range of industry experts, to bring together data professionals and enthusiasts to share insights, lessons learned, best practices, and to discover the latest technologies in the data ecosystem.

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