#12 Antwerp Sunday Dinner: It's getting fishy @Puertos

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we're back, time to continue the culinary journey through Antwerp :)

this time will be heaven for the fish and seafood lovers in this group. At "Puertos" you can choose from of a big selection of the most delicious fish/seafood and get it cooked/fried as you wish.

So join Sunday 30 june in Borgerhout if you want to discover the Moroccan cuisine. The time will be set at 18h00.

Website: http://puertos.be/

Address: Turnhoutsebaan 193, 2140 Borgerhout

I will book for 8 persons (if there is a higher demand, i can always try to book some more seats). Let me know if you would like to join and only RSVP if you're definitely able and willing to come. People who RSVP but finally don't show up at the Meetup can get sanctioned (eg exclusion for my upcoming events). Also don't cancel short before the planned event (e.g. 1h before). This to give people on the waiting list the chance to join after all. Thanks for your understanding.

NB: In this restaurant payment with card and splitting of costs is no problem.

I'm looking forward to seeing you :)