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Azendoo Meetups are a chance for users to socialize, talk shop, meet the Azendoo team and foster their local productivity communities.

Azendoo is a collaborative teamwork application. We launched in 2012 and have more than 300 000 users now.

A while ago we decided to organize Meetups in different cities to meet with our users and understand how they are using the application. We are, what we can call, "user focus". In fact we built Azendoo for you and we want our app to answer your needs. That's why coming to one of our Meetup will let your share your ideas and thoughts as well as meet other local users of Azendoo. Besides you'll get the chance to meet with local productivity experts.

The Azendoo Meetups are a great way to meet people from your local town that are passionate about new product and want to improve their daily workflow.

During those Meetups we'll make a short introduction about Azendoo, our upcoming features and what we want to build. Afterwards we'll let our power users explain what are they doing and why they use apps like Azendoo (and others) to improve the way they work.

If you want us to organize an Azendoo Meetup in your city, please let us know!

Thank you and see you soon ;-)

The Azendoo Team

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