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As usual this meetup with take the form of a short lightning talk, followed by a Kata session, concluding with a (completely optional) show and tell for those willing to share their Kata solutions.

"Func Up Your Java" - Tim Cooke
Like it or loath it, Java is everywhere and is here to stay. It's popularity past and present means it is found in applications large and small, simple and complex, and used by companies all throughout the World. You are likely to encounter it at some point in your career. Like most programming languages everything is not all roses and there are a number of ways in which the unsuspecting programmer can trip herself up and cause unwarranted pain upon themselves and others.

In this lightning talk Tim tells us about his least favourite parts of the Java programming language and demonstrates how to apply Functional Programming principles to make them easier to work with and make you a better Java programmer.

Your colleagues, your boss (maybe), and your future self with thank you.

About Tim
Tim is the Engineering Lead at axial3D ( He has been a professional programmer for a long time and a hobbyist programmer for even longer than that. While his day job primarily revolves around Java, his curiosity some years back introduced him to Functional Programming and has been writing better Java ever since. He thinks so anyway.

Kata: The Rat Eats The Cheese
·      ·      ·   🧀   ·
·      ·      ·      ·      ·
·   🧀  ·   🧀 🧀
·      ·   🧀   ·   🧀
🐀   ·      ·      ·      ·

A rat, starting at the lower left-hand corner of the maze, can move only up or right. What is the maximum amount of cheese the rat can eat?

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