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StartupToken, a Consulting & Investment Company - http://www.startuptoken.com (http://www.startuptoken.com/) - focusing on innovations using Blockchain technologies, is joining forces with the Dappers community to bring Blockchain education and adoption.

Our Meetups cover everything about decentralization, disruption, innovation and education on distributed technologies: news, trends, startups, regulation, future outlooks and connecting those in the space.

We hold frequent events in Paris, New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo with more cities on the way!

Each event is an opportunity to learn from experts paving the way: VC investors, Developers, Security experts, Protocol builders, and project founders.

If you are looking for concrete applications and real use cases, if you want to understand the possibilities of Bitcoin & Ethereum, the immense disruption capacity of Smart Contracts, and the revolutionary DeFi (Decentralized Finance), then you are in the right place and we are looking forward to meeting you.

Join us and follow us here https://twitter.com/startuptoken

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Back-end - DApps Dev Club - Session #09

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🎓Topics: - infura - wallet generation - HD wallets - multi-sig transactions 🎟 Get your tickets: http://bit.ly/dadc-s01e09 📅The ninth session of the DApps Dev Club! 🎒What to bring: - Laptop - Photo ID 🌐Where to find out more: - https://dappsdev.org/ -- About DApps Dev Club -- ℹ Our website is the nexus for everything: https://dappsdev.org/ 💬 Join us in our chat group: https://bit.do/dadc-chat 📅 We run sessions twice per month: https://dappsdev.org/sessions/ 🤘 Join us online, in person, or both! -- Our Partners -- - Lifelong Learning Institute + SkillsFutureSG - Chainstack + Acronis - Microsoft - BitTemple - NBC'19 - Spartan Group - StartupToken - Crypto Jobs List - Blockchain&DApps

Introducing New PoS Based Networks - Why Your Network Participation Matters

REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/introducing-new-pos-based-networks-why-your-network-participation-matters-tickets-63738798462 Proof of Work networks are inherently more secure due to high compute cost required for DDoS attacks. However, these networks face scalability bottlenecks as it takes a long time to determine consensus on chain finality - it is very important to ensure that transactions on the blockchain are irreversible, which is why exchanges imposes block confirmations on deposits! Such bottleneck proves to be a bane in accelerating blockchain adoption, especially in this day and age where payment confirmation takes less than 5 seconds with the click of a button. In order for a blockchain network to be able to serve the needs of the global market, transactions need to be finalized in a much quicker manner. Multiple Proof of Stake based networks have launched to date. It has proved to be the optimal solution to scalability bottlenecks as these networks prioritize fast finality with limited security and liveness tradeoffs. Come join us to learn more about various Proof of Stake based networks, why we think they are built for adoption and how you can play your part to show your support by bootstrapping these networks! AGENDA 6.30pm - 7.00pm: Registration 7.00pm - 8.00pm: Presentation i) POW vs. POS ii) Delegation and validator security iii) Project highlights - focus on 5 live projects 8.00pm - 8.30pm: Q&A and Networking PRESENTERS Michael Ng Mervyn Chng Oliver Wee ORGANISERS StakeWith.Us TheDappers LayerX Capital ABOUT THE DAPPERS Community run, open for all, monthly Meetup group for anything fun and exciting in the blockchain and decentralized application space. It's also non-profit and chain agnostic. Priding ourselves as early adopters and tinkers of new and experimental tech, we believe decentralization is pushing our existing organizations and products to transform. We spend our spare time looking for good ideas that we can share with people around us. We welcome anyone to suggest topics and present yourselves. Join our TG group here: t.me/thedappers

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