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This meetup is all about blockchain and how this technology will affect the way we transfer values in the future. We will make sure to invite high quality speakers, relevant large corporates and startups with valuable insights at each meetup. This is a chance to share our knowledge, ideas and experience about the Blockchain and deep dive in the future of value transfer. All people active in the FinTech industry or very interested in it are welcome to join.

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Blockchain in Research & Education

ETH Zurich

Agenda: 18:30 - Entry 18:45 - "Which incentive schemes exist in blockchain-based systems?", prof. Claudio Tessone, Assistant Professor of Network Science, University of Zurich 19:05 - "Decentralized Science - vision of SEED", Dr. Aleksandra Sokolowska, Head of Research and Analytics Validity Labs 19:25 - "Token Bonding Curves in Practice: Testing Current Design Patterns with Industry Use Cases", Paul Kohlhaas, founder of Linum Labs 19:45 - "Science Matters and EUREKA projects", Isabelle Siegrist, co-founder & advisor EurekaToken.io 20:05 - "Decentralized incentive systems for public good creation", Dr. Marcus M. Dapp, Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Social Science at ETH Zurich 20:15 - Panel on "Blockchain in Education and Science", featuring: - Maximiliane Okonnek, Managing Director of ETH Library Lab, ETH Zurich - Isabelle Siegrist - Dr. Aleksandra Sokolowska - Paul Kohlhaas - Markus Dapp - Sima Baymani, Embedded Software Engineer at Paul Scherrer Institut PSI - prof. Claudio Tessone - Dr Sebastian Bürgel, Co-founder & CTO Validity Labs 20:35 - Networking Bios of speakers Claudio J. Tessone is Assistant Professor for Network Science at the University of Zurich (Faculty of Economics, Business and Informatics). He is co-founder and member of the Steering Committee of the UZH Blockchain Center. He holds a Masters and PhD in Physics (on to the role of heterogeneity in complex systems) and an Habilitation on "Complex socio-economic systems" from ETH Zurich. He is an expert in modelling complex systems from a quantitative and interdisciplinary perspective. His broad focus lays on the link between microscopic agent behaviour, the local interaction rules and the emergent -global- properties of socio-economic and socio-technical systems. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are a pillar of his research, including crypoeconomics (e.g. the emergent centralisation of cryptocurrencies), big-data blockchain analytics, systems design, etc. Overall, his overarching research agenda can be subsumed in the question: Which incentive schemes (designed or hidden) exist blockchain-based systems? Dr. Aleksandra Sokolowska holds a BSc in Astronomy, MSc in Theoretical Physics and a Fast Track PhD in Computational Science at the University of Zurich, which is usually awarded to outstanding students seeking a scientific career. Over the years, she contributed with her work to our understanding of the environment of galaxies such as our own Milky Way. She is currently heading research and analytics branch of the ETH Zurich Spinoff Validity Labs, experimenting with the idea of decentralization in science and leveraging blockchain to support open collaboration. She also founded a non-profit organization to support careers of women in STEM called women++ and was selected as one of the Top 100 women in business in Switzerland in 2018. Paul Kohlhaas is the founder of web3 development studio Linum Labs, building Molecule a platform for the decentralized R&D of molecular compounds. He previously worked at ConsenSys on identity platform uPort and has been immersed in the Ethereum ecosystem for the past two years focusing on identity and token engineering. His workshop will explore the practical implications of token bonding curves and curation markets for intellectual property curation and funding, specifically in the pharmaceutical industry. Isabelle Siegrist is a co-founder and advisor of the EurekaToken.io project. She is the heart, the soul and the creator behind Sandborn's concept. Isabelle has a passion for building businesses that succeed. Through her studies, M.A. HSG in Business Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship major from ESCP Europe, and experiences as a business consultant and CIO of Startups.ch, she recognized that there was a serious need for company builder that leverages the tools and services for corporates and startups to focus on what they do best and facilitate their ideation and growth.

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