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Bereavement groups are widely considered to be the best therapeutic forum for coping with the loss of a loved one. Each group will be different in style and content due to the varying needs and backgrounds of its members, and of course also the approach of the group facilitator. What all bereavement groups should provide for each member is the opportunity to share his or her feelings of grief while learning about the grieving process through hearing the experiences of others. The facilitator will also help to identify normal grief responses and suggest ways to encourage healing. During the course of the weeks or months of group sessions the confusion and loneliness of grief can be lessened significantly, and the group members can share not just feelings of loss and sadness, but also of hope and healing.

In my practice, I organize bereavement groups for general need rather than structuring them around particular types of loss or other commonalities among the bereaved. I find that group members with different losses make emotional connections that I as a group leader could never predict. What is important is that every member of the group have a loss due to death. From that commonality connections will be made even if the losses are different

Here's some of what you can expect by participating in the group:

• Meet in 6 weekly sessions* led by a compassionate and experienced grief professional.

• Find the tools you need to help you grow and heal.

• Share your experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

• Talk with others in the same situation.

• Learn more about what to expect from your grief.

• Find healing and comfort through Alexander Technique and relaxation exercises.

• Develop new rituals to organize your grief

Learn more about my practice at www.brooklynbereavement.com (http://www.brooklynbereavement.com/).

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