Eclipse 4 RCP Architecture

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We all know Eclipse as a widespread IDE. And we all like to personalise it with a large variety of plugins.

But did you already tried to to write such a plugin? Even better, did you already think of building and entire product on top of Eclipse?! Well you're in good place then. Join us to discover what Eclipse has to offer under the hood.


In June 2015 the new Mars Eclipse version (4.5) will be delivered and, since June 2012, the Eclipse 4 architecture became the official runtime for Eclipse applications.

This talk will explain the new concepts used in Eclipse 4 like : the application model, the E4 dependency injection, the event bus, the CSS engine and some other interesting stuff.

If you know Eclipse RCP (version 3), you will be probably interested in knowing how to use the E4 concepts in your project. This talk will also give some guidelines to help you to migrate partially or fully to this new architecture.

About the speaker

Olivier Prouvost, is a french Eclipse trainer and consultant involved in Eclipse technology for more over 10 years. He is also committer on E4 platform and tools. His company ( (, located in Toulouse, provides different Eclipse professional services all over Europe.


As you should know, Java turned 20 recently. As a nice coincidence, the BruJUG turned 5 a few days ago too! So let's celebrate those events, along with the recent registration of our 300th members by having a free drink after the talk, so be sure to register so that we can size beverages and snacks accordingly.