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BruJUG - The Brussels Java User Group
BruJUG - The Brussels Java User Group
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Hi everybody & Happy New Year 2018! 🎉

I truly hope that one of your good resolutions for this year is to start giving talks at conference, because this event is built just for you!
No matter how frightened you are, or that you think you're not an expert in the field, you have to start with something in order to get better at it! So why not try in a friendly environment?

Just register your 15 min talk here: and we will give you a warm welcome.

All the speakers will get a rewards for their presentation, and as a bonus, the meal is offered to them after the session.

See you soon!

UPDATE: Here is our list of speakers!

** Franck Benault - Audit4j Java auditing framework **
Abstract: Audit4j is comprehensive auditing framework for Java application
Bio: Franck Benault works as Java senior developer in Atos Group

** Hans Van Daele - Smart Agile Testing for Us **
Abstract: As a Developer in a scrum team I am required more to test my code more than before. I need some guidelines I can easily work from, guys!
Bio: Once a Java Developer, then accidentally became a techie software tester and now orchestrating test automation in CI/CD in FinTech. ** Mathieu Van Sevenant - Final Parody VII - a 20-year IT adventure **
Abstract: How can a videogame affect your global experience in IT-related subjects ? This talk is about my story, in particular my french fan-made parody of Final Fantasy VII, and about the related skills that an IT developer can learn when doing this to improve his/her job.
Bio: Born in Charleroi 1987, Master degree in computer and management sciences (UMONS), working first as a researcher then as a consultant. Also gamer, pianist and project leader of Final Parody VII

** Johan Parent - JDK serialization under the hood **
Abstract: Serialization in Java is not a very popular topic. Just "implements Serializable" right? We take brief look at the techniques used in the JDK's implementation and try to answer a few questions: how can it set the final fields in your classes for instance? Or how the JDK serialization can instantiate classes without public no-arg constructors? We see how the overhead of reflection is minimized and how reflection is bypassed all together to maximize performance.
Bio: Johan Parent is software architect at UZ Brussel by day and founder at by night. After completing his PhD in Engineering at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel he took a dive in the wonderful world of java and hasn't come back to the surface yet. A past contributor to the GNU Trove project he now spreads his time between his family, his little Arduino project, the next JVM performance enigma and