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Java Challenge! How well do you know your language?

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Hello Juggies!

Brain is like a muscle, it needs to exercise to be kept in good health. So let's organise a Challenge!

We are collaborating with EDITx for the organisation of a Java Challenged sponsored by the Federal Public Service of Finance.

You are welcomed to join us to participate to the qualification phase in IPM offices. Doors open at 18:30 but you can arrive whenever you want for the duration of the event.

You'll have 15 minutes to answer up to 30 multiple-choice questions. 3 Jokers: 50/50, ask the audience attendees, and "phone" a friend.
The challenge is purely on Java, no special knowledge of any framework is required.

Food and drinks will be provided for you to fully take your chance without thinking at your empty stomach ;-)

The highest scores in both "student" and "professional" will be rewarded with some prices! we have 2 drones, one for the winner of each category (and a big hall to try them out!) and other gifts for the top of the leaderboard.
Plus, if you score high enough, you'll get the opportunity to participate to the final!

All we ask in return, is your feedback, so that thee next edition will be even better.

So, join us, take the challenge, it'll be fun!

One last think, the Federal Public Service of Finance is looking for new hires. They will be there. So, if you are interested...

À prendre avec vous
In order to pass the challenge, you need to bring your laptop.
In case you forgot our or don't have one, we will have a few spares to share.

If you came by car, you can use the parking of IPM. In case we would ran out of free spot in the parking, you can fallback on the parking to the Cinquantenaire Museum, which is free.