JUnit 5: Next Generation Framework for Next Generation Testing

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Hi folks 👋

We are lucky to have a second event this month.
This time, we'll try to boost your confidence in the product(s) you are building. How? By testing, of course!
Join us and learn how the latest version of JUnit can help you write more powerful and more expressive tests for your beloved codebase.

Looking to upgrade your project's unit tests to the latest and greatest?
Want to know about the future of JVM testing?
Is your inner artisan looking to increase the elegance and readability of his/her tests?
Tired of JUnit 4's limited support for parameterized tests, exception and timeout verification, and inflexible runner model?

JUnit 5, the latest big release of the Java world's most popular testing framework might just get you a few steps closer to testing heaven!

Of course a framework is just a tool so in addition to a walkthrough of its most interesting features the session will contain:

* Guidance on how and when to use the new features
* A closer look at JUnit 5's architecture
* Migration strategies
* Tooling
* Compatibility with other libs, ...

The Speaker: Tim Schmitte
Tim Schmitte is a Java Consultant at Ordina JWorks.
Working in a variety of environments with different architectures he has developed a keen interest in DDD and TDD. He has experience implementing these principles in microservices, monoliths and legacy systems.

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