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Monolith to Microservices is a move from the complexity of one block into the runtime environment.
Companies make a common mistake to think that they can implement microservices without upskilling efficiently their developers and getting them on an appropriate learning curve. Another mistake is that the IT department is often working on their own when the involvement of other departments is a key to success in this migration. Additionally, IT usually lacks clear roadmaps and a real incremental and iterative approach.
Most of the time, companies develop a Hype Driven Development syndrome with often only superficial knowledge and without having defined the right segregation of concerns in an environment ( monitoring, service discovering, circuit breaker, containers, etc. ). They give in to mature in-vogue architectures without solid prerequisites leading them early on to a complex architecture system (agnosticity, etc.) and decisions over the architecture set without a clear definition of boundaries and real needs (where, when, how to’s).
We will see how my customers managed to get out of their migration nightmare successfully by changing their approach.

About the Speaker
Hi, I'm Mike Francois!
I started to work on java technology until 14 years ago and travelled to learn more about it in North America ( Montreal, San Francisco ), France, UK and now I m a freelance software architect in Belgium since 4 years.
I was writer, reporter and managed several sections ( java,… on ( , )
It was not the only on platform where I shared knowledge like Dzone, Stackoverflow,..

Recently, I would like to share my experience and future of java application via talks ( Java Meetups in Brussels, VoxxedDays on 29-31 oct, 2018 ( ), Devoxx Belgium 12-16 nov, 2018 )

Finally, when I don’t code, design architecture or exchange with java community, I like workout and sportive nutrition.

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