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Between two castle of mad king ludwig
Recently picked up in ESSEN - tile drafting. you will appreciate this semi-coop game


44 rue de la gare · Bruxelles

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We organise Boardgames in Brussels for Locals and Expats as we believe that gaming is a wonderful experience to gather people of multiple origins around a common goal. We offer more than 200 games to share and follow closely the Kickstarter releases. Our motivation is the love of gaming and are not sponsored by anybody. Sessions are in various languages and can be used as a tool to learn and practice. You can come with your own games or attend the highlighted game of the day. If you want to organise your own event with our games just contact us in advance. We also provide organic and vegetarian international meals for gamers along with a large choice of selected craft beers all at very reasonable price in BXL. Entry is free. Our place is quiet and naturally cooled
Ce groupe s'adresse à tous ceux qui aiment jouer et découvrir de nouveaux.
Vous pouvez amener vos propres jeux et créer un table d'amis.
Chaque soirée sera accompagné d'un délicieux repas bio et végétarien.
Possibilité de boire et découvrir d'excellente bières spéciales,

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