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Meet and Mingle with other expatriates from the Chantilly area, regardless of nationality. Everyone is welcome to pop by for a beer, glass of wine and a chat. The group is all about getting different people together who are expats or have been expats outside of France. Expats of all nationalities often have a lot in common.

We have been holding monthly Chantilly expat events since October 2016 in a local bar. The next meetups are posted two or three months in advance.

As you know, Chantilly is just to the North of Paris. The famous Chantilly chateau, Chantilly lace ,Chantilly cream and Chantilly horse racing. Expat area since we are not far from Charles de Gaulle airport. Our meetups are for all expats of all nationalities, French who have lived abroad or speak fluent English. All ages.

Please RSVP an event if you plan to attend so we can inform the event on numbers.

If you also wish to join the new whatsapp Chantilly social group for other ad hoc events (sports, BBQ's , outings) send us your phone number and we can add you.

If you have any expat mates feel free to bring them along too best Simon Georgina .

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