New Business Models for the Circular Economy

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Have you heard about the Circular Economy? It's starting to take off in Australia and across the globe.

The 4 building blocks of a Circular Economy include:

- Circular Economy design

- New business models

- Reverse cycles

- Enablers and favourable systems conditions

Last month we focused on Enablers and favourable systems conditions, this month we'll be learning about and exploring New business models. New 'Circular' business models include:

- Circular supplies

- Resource recovery

- Product life extension

- Sharing platforms

- Product as a service

Learn more here:

This will be an interactive event where we will demonstrate the use of Circulab; a business model canvas and game to activate the Circular Economy. Learn more here:

Come learn more about the future of business, innovation that moves beyond sustainability, what's happening in WA and to network with local circular pioneers.

Let's all be a part of creating a better, more circular future.

Special guests TBC shortly.

This event is brought to you by Holonic and our partners.

Hope to see you there!