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TAROT READING - Tarot et ASTROLOGY - Your MOON sign - 49th Coffee & Tarot!
We'll start by saying hi :) sipping a good coffee and then I'll make a Tarot et Astrology reading about your MOON ! This Meetup is focused on YOUR MOON, the way you perceive emotions, the way you build relationships, the child part of yourself, relationship with your mum....and lot more ! Through a SPECIFIC spread and the analisys of your Birthday data, we'll explore HOW you feel emotions, what your emotional needs are (in life, with your partner) and how to get the best from life. 1) THE RELATIONSHIP READING : ☀ Check the nice reviews I've got : ☀ ☀ Type of reading : 3 cards + Birthday data ☀ ☀ For all participants each reading is done at 15€/each question ☀ ☀ Readings are PUBLIC, we'll be all seat around a table (but you can schedule a private one, if you wish) ☀ ☀ You wish a PRIVATE reading ? Just send me a Meetup private message or sms me at[masked] or click here ---> ☀ THE DAY OF THE MEETUP, PLEASE SEND ME A SMS ONCE YOU GET TO THE CAFE', so that we can easily find each other ! :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTES : ➊ I do my readings using les Tarot de Marseille ➋ I've chosen this café because it has a cosy, stylish, nice interior and a roomy, PRIVATIZED for us, space at the first floor, the perfect place for a Tarot reading! ➌ Please make sure to update your RSVP before Saturday morning. ➍ I'll be waiting for you INSIDE the cafe, AT THE FIRST FLOOR. We'll be enjoing a PRIVATIZED space ! Ask the waiter where to find the Meetup. Check for me, I have blond-red hair. See you soon! Alessandra ******************************************** PS. You don't need to bring anything. Just bring your questions and your good vibes!

Le Comptoir des Arts

100 Rue Monge, 5eme · Paris

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Hi my name is Alessandra.
I'm Italian, Interior Designer, and I have been living in Paris for 6 years now.

I am definitely PASSIONATE about Tarot (Tarot de Marseille) and I never stop learning and practicing this art/skill/talent whenever family, friends, and friends of friends come to me for a reading. The Tarot is an amazing self-discovering tool! And it allows readers to give good tips to anyone asking for advices, willing to mae a step toward self discovery.

Questions about your personal evolution, career, family, or love life?
See what the power of Tarot can do for you.

I first learned Tarot throught the book "La Voie du Tarot", by Jodorowsky. And then got familiar with the Camoin method. And pretty much stuck to this one when reading the cards.

I've created this Meetup to practice reading along with like minded people and to keep learning and talking Tarot with anyone interested in this art.
Are you passionate about Tarot? In need of answers that you seem unable to find ? Feel free to join me every Saturday ans Sunday !
My idea is to meet in a cosy bar, get comfortable, have a coffee or a cup of tea and then I can make Tarot readings for you. Every reading lasts 20ish minutes each.

Don't forget to like my page Facebook (, I will post regularly photos and hints about Tarot, spreads and readings ! Click here ------> Facebook (


Since so many people have sent me messages to get a private reading and many others fell on saturday's waiting lists, I've decided to offer "one to one readings". If you are interest, just send me a private message here and I'll grant you a slot !


Let's keep it simple, cosy, relaxed and funny.

Let's have a coffee and some Tarot, soon!

See you,

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