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Brooklyn · Brooklyn, ny

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• What we'll do
How we save up to 70% on your taxes each year!

The key to make money in real estate is to buy property cheap. We will go over different real estate strategies to acquire properties. Leave your wallet at home - you won't need to buy anything here. Just come and see what we do and how you can start making money as soon as next week.

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You will learn how we analyze deal, protecting assets, and much more.
You will see examples of our recent successful deals and hear from people who did it. They will share their story and how they made it work!
We also will go over how we save up to 70% on taxes. You will learn how to keep more of hard earned money.
Enough words... Let's get to action!

At our 2 hours REI workshop you will learn:

• How to pay down your debt faster!
• How to find money for investing! How to make good additional income part-time!
• How to play the real estate game the right way!
• Why you should have a small business!
• How to think like an investor!

This is just small part of our nationwide team of Investors!

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• What to bring
Something to take notes

• Important to know
We do not provide specific financial, legal, or health advice. Please note that we are not offering licensed services.