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A Web that just works in all browsers

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In collaboration with ColdFrontConf ( and ITU ( we have two presentations by a prominent speaker David Rousset on making the Web Work with Q&A.

A web that just works in all browsers
The Web is built on the principle of multiple independent, interoperable implementations of web standards. True interoperability means that all web content, browsers, and specifications align on the same well-defined behavior. But how does we as web developers handle the predicament with the multitude of browsers and rendering engines such as Blink, WebKit, Trident, and the new kid on the block EdgeHTML. We need an interoperable Web, where we do not spend considerable time tweaking browser issues.

Vorlon.js - remote debugging and testing JavaScript

Introduction to Vorlon.js.Vorlon.js an open source, extensible, platform-agnostic tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript. Powered by node.js and

Why a new browser from Microsoft?
With Windows 10 a new browser called Edge is launched. Why is Microsoft building a new browser and what to expect from it. Will it be a new IE or are it a step in the right direction of a better Web?

We end around 15:00. You are welcome to stay and mingle/network.

David Rousset is a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, in charge of driving adoption of HTML5 standards. He’s the co-author of the WebGL Babylon.js open-source engine.