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Deep Learning Meetup #8 : RNN's with TensorFlow

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In this special edition, we will welcome Martin Görner from Google for a tutorial on recurrent neural networks and Batch normalization with TensorFlow!

This presentation is destined to beginners with basic prior knowledge of TensorFlow. It will last approximately one hour.

We will provide drinks and snacks after Martin's presentation.


Deep learning has already revolutionized machine learning research, but it hasn't been broadly accessible to many developers. In this session, we'll explore the possibilities of recurrent neural networks by building a language model in TensorFlow. What this model can do will impress you. We welcome developers with no prior machine learning experience. We do recommend that you watch the session "TensorFlow and deep learning without a PhD part 1 (" unless you already know about dense and convolutional networks and are only interested in recurrent networks. This session is an intense technical session designed to help beginners in machine learning ramp up quickly.

Looking forward to meeting you again!