The Design Sprint Quarter: How to make design sprints work at big companies

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Liip SA

Rue Etraz 4 · Lausanne

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3rd floor, Liip. Door is on the left

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- Depending on the audience, talk will be either in English or French -

During this Meetup, we will introduce you for the first time to the three month Design Sprint follow-up strategy we’ve been working on for more than one year, which we call “The Design Sprint Quarter”. We believe it is currently the best way to integrate the Design Sprint within a large company and ensure great results.

Steph Cruchon will introduce you to the concept of this timeline from Design Sprint to execution, and Thomas Botton and Thierry Krummenacher, Product Owners at Liip will guide you through the building of an MVP using agile-scrum development sprints.

With four years of experience running Design Sprints in various contexts and companies, we have seen the same Post-Design Sprint challenges and we'll give you tips and tricks on how to follow-up after a successful initial design sprint:

- Get funding
- Assemble the right team
- Set realistic deadlines
- Keep Momentum
- Facilitate transition to Scrum
- Release a functional product in 3 months

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