Tell us a story, NAO!

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NAO is a humanoid robot built by Aldebaran. He is cute, friendly and fully programmable.

In this workshop, you'll discover NAO, his hardware and his software. Thanks to Choregraphe, the graphical user interface provided with NAO, you'll discover how to program the robot in an easy way.

Once you'll be familiar with the programming logic, you'll write a story for NAO and you'll then have the opportunity to test your creation on a real robot.

Sounds fun? Joy us!

This special event is held in the context of National Robotics Week as a part of National Robotics Week 2016 events (


• You can download software using this link ( You need to create an account to see and download software, it is free.

• Download version 2.1.4

• An animation library will be provided in the beginning of workshop


• Please click on Join and RSVP button on the top right to register for this meetup.

• Please make sure to bring a water bottle/snacks for the attendees.

• One registration will allow one kid to participate. Parents are required to stay at the facility for the entire duration of the workshop and may observe from back of the room.