Container Security by Treeptik and NeuVector


For this new Docker meetup, some amazing talks and demos on container security from Treeptik and NeuVector !

Jérôme Masson from Treeptik

Docker, Kubernetes, the Cloud enthusiast and Passionate all this in practices DevOps. I adore shared, exchanged and to pass on(to transmit) on these skills.

Let’s get a review from docker daemon tools for security and what we can try to improve our docker installation’s security.

Dieter Reuter from NeuVector

Dieter Reuter is a Docker Captain and a Container Security expert at NeuVector Inc.

Kubernetes Real-Time, Run-Time Container Security

Using Kubernetes in production brings us great benefits with flexible deployments for scaling our applications. But we’re facing some new challenges to secure our clusters, harden our Container Images and protect the live system against possible network attacks from the outside and inside.
In this talk we’re covering hot topics like Securing Kubernetes cluster and nodes, Image Hardening and Image Scanning, and protecting the Kubernetes network against typical attacks. With a few slides and more live demo we’ll dig into todays security challenges and present solutions to integrate into your CI/CD workflow and even to protect your Kubernetes workload actively with a Container Firewall.