Make Your Website Easily Accessible with Drupal 8

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Join us on Monday, February 29th at 6:30pm to learn how to make your website easily accessible with Drupal 8.

LOCATION: BrightLane Inc. ( 545 King St. W. (
START: 6:30pm
TOPICS: Make Your Website Easily Accessible with Drupal 8
TWITTER: @DrupalTO ( and #DrupalTO (

Many thanks to our sponsorship partners BrightLane Inc. ( and Digital Echidna (

Mike Gifford (, Drupal 8’s Core Accessibility Maintainer, will demonstrate a variety of accessibility features that Drupal 8.

Accessibility in Drupal 8 has come a long way since Drupal 7. Drupal 8 has added extensive support for accessibility in Core. From small changes like font size and colour contrast, to large changes like WAI-ARIA in core, Drupal 8 will make it easier to build an accessible site. For anyone trying to make a barrier-free website, it’s important to understand the new features and how each can be used.

Accessibility features reviewed will include:
- HTML5 & Improved Semantics
- Colour Contrast and Low Vision
- Alt Tags and Defaults
- W3C's ATAG
- Tables
- Errors

Unfortunately, Drupal 8 isn’t 100% accessible. It’s a lot more accessible than anything else, but there are still a number of important issues that need to be addressed in Drupal Core to meet WCAG 2.0 AA & ATAG 2.0 guidelines. Mike will raise a number of places where there is room for improvements.

Mike Gifford is the founder and president of OpenConcept Consulting Inc. (, which he started in 1999. Since then he has been active in developing and enhancing open-source content management systems to facilitate client control over their content.

Passionate about building communities of collaboration, Mike and his team at OpenConcept have worked with several national government & non-government organizations. The OpenConcept team has also successfully delivered large projects for national labour unions like PSAC and CUPE.

Having spearheaded the accessibility enhancements in Drupal, a popular open-source CMS, over the last eight years, Mike is now a Drupal 8 Core Accessibility Maintainer. Knowing the importance of accessibility to many organizations, Mike worked to improve the functionality of Drupal and awareness of accessibility issues within the community.

Mike is the lead author of the Drupal Security Guide (, which outlines many best practices to ensure that your site is following security best practices.

OpenConcept is a Certified Benefit Corporation ( and works to be a “not-only-for-profit” company, seeking to make a difference in the world and on the web.

Everyone is invited to join us for post-presentation drinks and discussion.

These events are hosted by the non-profit DrupalTO organization, representing Toronto's Drupal community for 10 years.