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Meet Robert Virding in Paris!

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Espaces CAP 15

1/13 Quai de Grenelle · Paris

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Look for the rooms underground, in the basement

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Robert Virding is one of the inventors of Erlang. He is giving a talk at the conference. This is the opportunity to meet him personally during our meetup around an open discussion.

** This meetup is limited to 20 persons MAX! **

There will be 3 speakers, and max 20 participants.


• Robert Virding: problems in implementing OO on top of Erlang

• Arnaud Wetzel: Introduction of Erlang strength with a simple home automation App

• Benoît Chesneau: using Erlang to build a modern database

The principles are:

•no slidedeck, not preparation for speakers, just a good subject

•a big table, everyone sitting all around, everyone is an actor of this discussion

•each speaker will present a subject for 20 minutes, with a 5 minutes Q&A

•everyone can interrupt, given it is to bring something valuable to the discussion

Key rule: friendship and benevolence, teaching and learning.

Why? The greater goal is to make people meet and get out of their comfort zone, accept challenge, exchange experiences, expose facts, only mention opinions as such.

Secondarily share some French food and drink.

This meeting will be self-organised, which means we all help with chairs, and cleaning at the end.

Thanks to for hosting us!

On, it is a two days conferences, Thu 18 and Fri 19, software development conference, by developers for developers:

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