Team Swim Training - Morning - for Expatriés paid members only

Expatriés Triathlon Paris
Expatriés Triathlon Paris
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Session at Piscine Auriol with coach Laurent. Team members only.

They will open the doors at 7am precisely so please be there on time otherwise you won't know which changing rooms to go to etc......

We have the whole pool available to us, so attendance limit is simply to ensure every gets a good quality swim.

If there is a waitlist please make sure you turn up.

Remember to bring a pull buoy, elastic, plaquettes and a bottle of water, and for beginners, palmes, masque et tuba (snorkel & flippers) may be beneficial.

To ensure harmony in the lane, please remember that this is a group swim and you need to work with the others around you so that everyone enjoys it. This means keeping up with the rhythm of the others, letting faster people go in-front of you, and respecting the session plan.

All lanes are reserved only for us.