PERSONALIZED HEALTH • Launch of the Open Innovation Club

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500 Kendall Street | Cambridge, MA 02142 · Cambridge, MA

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Auditorium, Genzyme Center, 500 Kendall Street. Cambridge, MA 02142.

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The Members of the Open Innovation Club cordially invite you to an Innovation Meetup and Cocktail Reception for the official launch of the OIC Boston Chapter


Advanced analytics, digital devices and overspecialization services

Personalized health aims at providing the right treatment, to the right patient, with the right dose, at the right time. With lower cost of sequencing, we can now customize a therapy with a patient’s genetic profile. But the concept of personalized health is also transforming the entire medical process, allowing additional stakeholders to be involved. This innovation meetup will provide insights on the impacts of data analytics, connected devices and personalization services in the healthcare sector and beyond.


4:00 pm Registration

4.30 pm Keynote Speakers:

Rachel Sha, Senior Director of Strategy & Business Development for Integrated Care, SANOFI

Arunthathi Thiagalingam, Director, Oncology and Biomarkers, IPSEN Bioscience

5:15 pm Open Innovation Club's presentation

Rémi Bergues, Deputy Managing Director, PRIME-French Tech Hub,

Valéry Freland, Consul Général of France

Patrick Bian, President, French American Chamber of commerce, New England

5:30 pm Innovative Solutions Techshowcase

VerbalCare (, OtoSense (, Selventa (, Voluntis (, Berg (, Health Helm (, Sober Grid (, Insightfil (, Nutrisavings (, Median Tech (

6:30 pm Open Innovation Club Launch

6:35 pm Wine and Cheese networking event

Distinguished Guests from: Analog Device, Aptima, Berg Pharma, Biogen IDEC, Edenred, IPSEN, Genzyme, Johnson and Johnson, Q-State Biosciences, Siemens VC, Schneider Electric, Stoneface Venture, Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Novatarg Pharmaceuticals, MIT, Harvard Medical School, Wyss Institute, Harvard Catalyst, Lab Central