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In Japanese REI means Universal Ki means Life Force. Reiki is a modality which generates universal life force energy. It is a gentle hands on or off technique that assists in balancing our vital force energy. In the words of a brilliant woman, Vatsala Sperling, " Once our vital force is in balance, we are free to do what we are meant to do!" Reiki brings all our systems into alignment easily gently and efficiently. This promotes deep relaxation and restoration to the mind, body, heart and soul.

Sunder Ashni is a Reiki Master utilizing the light force of crystals to further ground healing in EVERY Body. Attuned in The line of OSHO Neo Reiki, she has shared the gift of Reiki in NY and in other blessed spots on this planet. Sunder Organizes this weekly space where diverse practitioners offer Reiki treatment to participants. All are welcome to come and benefit from the healing force of Reiki.

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Sliding scale $25-40

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