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#gomtl-05-hacknight - Tue. Oct. 17th - Hot Potato Challenge

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Ok folks, we're throwing our first Hacknight. It'll be really cool I think.

The goal is to write a microservice (preferably in Go), and ship them to a Kubernetes cluster (everyone will be granted access to one), and have the interact together, following a super simple text-manipulation protocol. Then we'll see what happens, which service blows up, which service provides value, etc :)

It's called:

The Hot Potato Challenge

and you can find instructions here:

You can think of your project before the night, but code it with us on that same evening, so as to be fair.

PLACES WILL BE LIMITED. We started with 20.. we'll see how it goes.

Huge thanks to our sponsor Edgenda for the food, and to Clever Age for the office space, wifi, etc...