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Calling all girls looking for their new Parisian-person. (aka your Merideth to my Christina)

Moving to a new place is always hard and sometimes you just want your girlfriends to drink wine and watch a good episode of Grey's (or binge an entire season).

This group is for anyone who just needs a break from perfecting their Parisian ways.

Wheather its learning French, starting a new job in a new country, moving in with your very French significant other, it's ok to miss home and the familiar.

I created this group because I'm convinced I cannot be the only one who just wants one day or night where I can relax and enjoy a few of my favorite things from across the pond.

And don't worry this isn't a strict "Grey's Only" group. (but if the title caught your eye, odds are you could be a good fit). This group is a catch-all. If you like to read books, cook, catch an exhibit, or simply grab an extremely cheap yet delicious bottle of wine and chill this is the place for you!

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