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Bienvenue ! Welcome !
Whether you're an expat in Paris, a native Parisien, or a visiting yogi, we welcome you to our Guerilla Yogi Paris community class. Here you will expand your yoga practice, play the edge, enjoy a good laugh, and mingle with like-hearted practitioners in a warm, convivial atmosphere.
The Guerilla Yogi Paris community class was founded in 2010 by Marc Holzman and Anne Vandewalle. While classes are primarily taught by them, the ‘team’ has expanded to include Amazing Guest Teachers from around the world! Together they lead a vibrant, ever-evolving, international community of yogis for a soulful and dynamic two-hour practice on Saturdays at the American Church of Paris.

Our mission is simple
To share the practice of yoga with all who seek it. Our class is community based. We welcome everyone. No yogi left behind. We’re 100% organic, free-range, studio-free YOGA. We are rebels with a spiritual cause celebrating life, freedom, and the pursuit of yoga.

Your mission is simple
Bring your own mat, your smile, a free spirit, and an open heart.

A word about donation
While you’re invited to contribute according to your means, a 20€ donation allows for the continued sustainability of our Community Class. Your donation helps defray the cost of renting our beautiful room, administrative fees, and provides a fair compensation for the teachers. When we all participate fairly, honestly, and engage in right-relationship, our tight-knit community of teachers and students can continue to evolve and flourish!


The Founders

• Marc Holzman


How do we live an optimal human life ?

Asa pionneer for deep change, Marc has dedicated most of his own life to unraveling this great mystery. An avid Truth-seeker and playful risk-taker, Marc is passionate about refining the art of living and empowering his students to do the same

Marc is a certified Ayurveda practitioner with over 15 years’ experience teaching Hatha Yoga and Meditation. He currently lives in both L.A. and Paris for greater access to the workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats he teaches across the globe. He can also be found across the ethers via his many classes streamed on Yogaglo.com (http://yogaglo.com/). His signature Ayurveda health coaching program, Evolutionary Habits (http://marcholzman.com/about/evolutionary-habits), has been accelerating the wellness path of students since 2012.

​Ten years ago, Marc founded Guerilla Yogi, a donation-based community class, to encourage students of all economic circumstances to experience the joy of yoga. Guerilla Yogi continues to thrive in Paris where it has gained tremendous momentum.

Because Marc firmly believes that the highest form of teaching is leading by example, he strives to live with integrity and kindness. And laughter. Always laughter.

For more of Marc’s journey, please read The Love of My Life (http://marcholzman.com/about/the-love-of-my-life).

• Anne Vandewalle


Anne is a certified Anusara teacher, registered as a Yoga Alliance ERYT 500. She has been sharing for 15 years the empowering teachings and practices of yoga, ayurveda and meditation in Paris, her home base. She’s also been travelling internationally, connecting with great yogis and communities across the globe. In 2011 she co-founded European Yogi Nomads, a cross-boarders project that has been bringing yogis of all traditions and nationalities together all over Europe in a common desire to dive into the practice, share space, and co-create in meaningful and uplifting ways. She is committed to keep providing spaces where everyone can feel welcomed to experience the power of their practice, and explore it along other inspiring yogis dedicated to bringing more positive vibrations and joy to this world.

More about our community here : http://www.guerillayogiparis.com

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