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NYC Road Bike Ride: GWB to Nyack and Back! (44 Miles - Hilly Terrain)

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Whether for relaxation or training, this is the most popular ride from Manhattan island. The route has been one of the best for bike training for over 30 years. Ride starts from the George Washington Bridge (GWB) to north through Bergen County, New Jersey, and up the West side of the Hudson river into Rockland County, NY (about 44 miles round trip). You can start this ride from Central Park if you are an ambitious biker (It will be about 60 miles then). One big steep hill and various little hills. The route has been a best bike training for over 30 years. There is a strict rule about riding in one lane so this is not for a little chit-chat bike ride and not for riding with two bicycles side by side. One of the best rewards of this trip will be stopping by at the famous "Runcible Spoon Bakery" for their Muffins and Coffee.

Bike Ride Options:

44 miles, hilly -- George Washington Bridge (GWB) to Nyack (about 2300 vertical feet, hill index 5.0). Central Park to Nyack -- 62 miles, moderate hilliness (about 3000 vertical feet, hill index 4.2) -- or visit both Central Park and Nyack from a start in Fort Lee, NJ -- Combine the GWB - Central Park route with the GWB to Nyack cue sheet. Highlights:

Views of the Hudson River, a quiet road through the woods, the "state line hill" descent on Route 9W -- and lots of fellow cyclists and the scene at the Runcible Spoon -- all accessible from Manhattan island.


One big steep hill, and various other substantial hills. Traffic interaction is significantly higher than most other routes on this website.


Some urban traffic areas near the GWB and in Nyack. Most of the sections on high-speed Route 9W have reasonable shoulders. Much of the rest has moderate or low traffic.

Following the Rules:

We suggest being especially careful about obeying the traffic laws and rules -- especially when riding through Piermont and Grandview. A lot of bicyclists pass through their main streets on a nice weekend day. We have heard that they are especially concerned about bicyclists slowing down cars, and we have seen them strictly enforce rules like not riding with two bicycles side by side.

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