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Heureux à Bordeaux
Heureux à Bordeaux
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The Frog & Rosbif, Bordeaux

23 Rue Ausone · Bordeaux

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===★ A TripMeeters™ Event ★==
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We’re a friendly group of open-minded people and Ambassadors will welcome you warmly EVERY Monday.

Practice English or French and make new friends in a friendly and international atmosphere regardless of your level.

● Change groups whenever you want / Go and leave as you please


● Free entry if you like us on -

● Buy at least one drink out of respect for the venue - it's unpolite not to do it
● How to find the group: Ask the bar "TripMeeters group"

● Happy hour until 9 pm! Say you’re with « TripMeeters » and like our Fb page
● Cheap drinks - They make their own beers!

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#Remember to watch out for your personal belongings if you're in a public place.
#Remember that it's not a DATING event, I reserve the right to remove you from the group if someone complains.